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What is Risk EZI?

RiskEZI is a cloud based risk management, event assessment and incident documentation tool designed to protect your guests, volunteers, leaders and staff.

Fully customisable to your Church or Group.

RiskEZI will become a well-used, valuable database and record keeping resource for your ministry team.


Dashboard: At a glance understand your team’s future event plan and access extra RiskEZI features.

Events: Create event run sheets with integrated risk assessments and track feedback from your team as well as document your pre and post event review processes.

Risk Assessments: Create a library of unique risk assessments for activities or equipment, and have your team learn from each other

Incidents: Document and report in real time incidents or accidents that occur on your site and track the investigation process.

Document Library: A valuable database and record keeping resource to your ministry.

Risk Matrix: An essential training tool to ensure your team are all on the same page with the language of risk management.

Built in Help Functions: Will remind you how to use the system or teach your team a new set of skills.


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