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Extra Campus

$ 12.27/m

Extra 1 GB Storage


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What is RiskEZI?

RiskEZI is a cloud based software tool delivering risk management, incident documentation, and event assessment tools.

Customisable, secure, and scalable, RiskEZI comes packed with features that will help you keep people safe in all aspects of your organisation.

Designed to help protect your guests, volunteers, leaders, and staff, RiskEZI provides a valuable and reliable team resource for your organisation.


Dashboard: View your team’s upcoming alerts, events and tasks with a glance at the dashboard.

Events: Create event runsheets with integrated risk assessments, track feedback from your team, and document your event review processes.

Risk Assessments: Access and contribute to a community library of unique risk assessments.

Incidents: Document and manage incidents or accidents in real time.

Document Library: Secure storage for your organisational resources, including documents, videos, images, and more.

Risk Matrix: Customisable tool that defines your risk probability and severity measurements.

User Management: Permission based system to manage users, departments, and access privileges.

Built in Help Functions: Will remind you how to use the system or teach your team a new set of skills.


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